We are benchmarkers *

LIMEYARD is a proprietary and non-proprietary benchmark provider, delivering rule-based, compliant traditional and smart-beta investable solutions to institutions on the sell and buy sides.


LIMEYARD Swiss Market Benchmark (GTR)

Last close: 165.9

MOM: 2.56%

LIMEYARD Swiss Blue Chip Index (GTR)

Last close: 161.79

MOM: 2.42%

LIMEYARD Europe 600 (GTR)

Last close: 154.85

MOM: 2.18%

LIMEYARD TSC USA Water Risk Index "powered by waterBeta" (GTR)

Last close: 311.3

MOM: 1.99%

LIMEYARD Swiss Momentum Factor 30 (GTR)

Last close: 258.99

MOM: 1.95%