We are Benchmarkers

LIMEYARD is a proprietary and non-proprietary benchmark provider, delivering rule-based, compliant traditional and smart-beta investable solutions to institutions on the sell and buy sides.

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At LIMEYARD, we don’t settle for less than excellence – and this means continuous innovation in all areas of our business. We fully understand our clients’ needs; we understand their pain points. This empathy enables us to be agile, fast and transparent, delivering the highest quality service around the clock. For us, to be a benchmarker means keeping one step ahead, and being one step closer to the client.


LIMEYARD focuses on both, customized indexing and its own LIMEYARD index family. Besides this core offering, LIMEYARD covers a fully fledged indexing service and specific solutions such as in-sourcing the calculation of full third-party's index families or their benchmark administration.


LIMEYARD has developed sophisticated index and investment concepts. Key topics are: asset allocation solutions and multi-objective optimization. This helps paving the way for leading intelligence in portfolio benchmarking and portfolio allocations.


LIMEYARD's own index system strategy is built based on existing interfaces supporting flexible integration of external plug-ins. This allows for simple enhancement of the index system with new functionalities and ensures a high level of scalability.

“At LIMEYARD, the partners' many years of experience merge with cutting-edge technology to deliver our vision of an efficient, high-quality service provider that puts a strong focus on clients' needs.”

Patrick Valovic, Founder & Managing Partner